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Parcel Service

Parcel Service is our core area of business where KRS has registered phenomenal growth since its inception. We have over 1200 trucks at service that transport your goods and cargo safely to any corner of the country. We bring goods from all parts of the country to Kerala, Tamil Nadu. In Kerala, we have 190 branches and our customers can locate one branch of KRS warehouse in every 10 kilometers. We have 500 warehouses all over the country.

Pack & Move

While shifting from one place to another, the most vital factor that revolves in your mind is about the safety of your belongings. KRS understands and realizes the sentiment attached with the customers and we take immense care to make sure that we deliver top rated packing and moving services to our clients. To prevent the goods from dust, moisture and other damage, we use packing materials of international standards. We use various types of boxes for various categories of goods like special boxes for fragile items and hanging box for clothes. Advantages that are guaranteed from our side are immediate settlement of claims in case of unforeseen contingencies, part load, and zero trans-shipment.


Our warehousing solutions are such designed that it shares a major chunk of the logistics load off your heads. We not only ensure that your goods and cargo are safe and secure while on the way to be delivered but also the strict control checks on entry and exit ensure that they reach you in excellent condition. Our effort is to reduce your overheads and save precious time that is otherwise wasted on logistics, thus providing you smoother process to work with.


Teamwork and meticulous timing are the basics behind the success of our system. We help our client companies to run their business smoothly without any trouble. Our main aim is to streamline the task of delivering shipments of our clients’ companies. Starting from the process of pick-up of shipments, we specialize in all other activities like safe delivery of goods at proper time, geographical tracking of shipment location.


3PL or the Third Party Logistics is experiencing generous expansion opportunities with the surfacing of various sturdy industries. Being a 3PL service provider, we at KRS make sure that we stick to certain guidelines that include providing outstanding client service, management of colossal amount of freight for our clients and meeting deadlines.

Carrying & Forwarding

As Carrying& Forwarding as one of the services provided by our company we undertake the listed steps:

  1. Receiving goods from factories or location of the customers
  2. Goods warehousing
  3. Receiving shipment orders from the main client
  4. Arrangement of goods dispatch as per the instructions provided by client either through our transport or through the official transporters of the particular client
  5. Preservation of all relevant records and documents related to the stock present at warehouse


Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the management of interrelated business concerned in the final stipulation of product and service packages that are needed by end customers. We follow three detailed steps in ensuring perfect SCM for our customers, which include Strategic level, Tactical level and Operational level. We believe that by relying on effectual supply chains we can compete successfully in the networked financial system and worldwide market. We maintain 100% transparency and also offer visibility of supply chain to our customers so that they can plan and administer any type of differences in their demand levels and supply in addition to inventory.

JIT Management

JIT or Just in Time Management advocates having just the right amount of inventory, and spending just what you need on overheads, to meet the demands of your organization. This means you can receive your goods within shortest possible time limit without involving unnecessary capital tied up. KRS offers solutions help optimize your transportation and logistics operations, leaving you to employ your valuable resources in the core processes. The lesser time and money spent on transporting and storing your inventory, more effective will be your supply chain!