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To evolve as an essential partner with the national transportation network in its effort to strengthen the commercial and industrial base of the country.


Flourish as trusted transportation partner for various firms and receive recognition for excellence in service through:

  • Proper, reliable and efficient transportation of consignments
  • Smooth and fast delivery of goods
Core values

  • Steady insistence on RELIABILITY and PROMPTNESS
  • Central importance to Maximum Customer Value
  • Allocation of all necessary organizational resources in the form of manpower, time and finance to assure QUALITY
  • Implementation of  continuous improvement program through R&D, competence assessment and assurance systems and skill enhancement training of the employees
  • Established commitment to SAFE AND HEALTHY working environment as well as insistence on minimizing all forms of pollution in its activities


In the early 1960s when Madras was a major trading centre, a dire need was felt to connect the major cities of Kerala such as Calicut and Ernakulam for easier transportation of goods and parcels with Madras. The requirement of the retail traders in these cities were realized by Kerala Roadways with Mr. V.K. Moidu Hajee. As the proverb goes, “necessity is the mother of invention” three branches of KRS were established as a proprietary concern in Madras, Calicut and Ernakulam with the idea of implementing fast transport service from Madras without any transshipment points.

  • With the Indian Bank Association recognizing the company in 1976, the company made great progress with big companies resorting to their services in cargo transportation.
  • The proprietary concern was transfered into a partnership (retaining the same name) in 1978 when CP Kunhi Mohammed became a partner. Later in 1981,a new company, Kerala Roadways (P) Ltd was established by intergrating the assets and liabilities of the firm.
  • In 1988 under the provision of Section 40A (Turnover clause) in accordance with the Amendment of the Companies Act, KRS became a deemed public limited company. Siraj MK and Nasly Mohammed joined the Board of Directors in 1987 and 1994 simultaneously.
  • Computerization in the firm began in 1988 and within 1995 almost all the major regional branches were equipped with the prevailing computing technologies. Throughout that period, the PC-Telex interface played a crucial role as all queries were transmitted through the same.